9 1/3 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

9 1/3 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Product #: OVENDO12
Price: $64.99

The9 1/3quart healthy camp oven is a traditional cast iron pot on steroids. The lid is easily reversed for a full-size skillet. Excellent for eggs. pancakes or sausage. The classic Dutch oven base is perfect for potatoes or cobbler. Whatever you cook will come out with that one-of-a-kind cast iron oven flavor.
*** Includes FREE Lid Lifting Tool ***

Features a Lewis & Clark Commemorative Edition Cast on the lid.

After each use, apply a small amount of Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner or cooking oil, about a dime's diameter worth, and thinly coat all surfaces of the cast iron. Over time, this will make your cast iron black, creating a finish called a "patina." This patina will enhance your cast iron by creating a glasslike finish, which also creates a nonstick surface.

Model # Lid Vol. Lid Depth Base Vol. Base Depth Base ID Base OD Weight Serves
DO-12 2 1/3 Qt. 1 3/8" 9Qt 4 1/2" 12" 12 3/4" 24 lbs. 14 - 16

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