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Wood Chip Soaker Set

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WOOD CHIP SOAKER SETWood Chip Soaker Wood Chip Soaker for Grilling


1. SOAK Wood Chip Soaker Set

Fill each chip tray with smoking chips. Place in the plastic soaker tray. Fill to top edges of chip trays with water or other liquid.

2. DRAIN Wood Chip Soaker

Lift chip trays out of the water, rotating 90 degrees. Set trays on raised draining tabs on the side of the soaker box. Drain for 5 minutes.

3. SMOKE Wood Chip Soaker

Place chip filled metal trays directly on the mounds of coals on your charcoal grill, or on top of gas burner on a gas grill, or dump chips directly over the coals/burner.

If using a gas grill, place under the grate over one of the burners.

The first step in smoking with wood chips is to soak them in water (or other liquid) and cover, so they smolder and don't immediately catch fire - a process that's often messy.

Enter the worlds first ever wood chip soaker - an ingenious device that takes the guesswork out of measuring the chips and the mess out of soaking them.

Simply fill the perforated metal chip trays with wood chips, place in the plastic soaker box, add liquid and cover.

Trays can be raised and drained easily, and put directly into the coals on the grill.