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Hickory Wood Chips

Product #: CC6018
Price: $5.49
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Easy to use all natural Hickory wood chips

These chips impart a unique flavor to all your outdoor cooking

These smoking chips are an inexpensive addition to your barbecuing routine that will make eating the foods you grill a new and delightful experience.

These chips to not have any herbicides or other chemicals found on some competitors smoking chips.

150 CU. IN. BAG = approximately 1.5 pounds

To use:

1) Place a handful of chips in a bowl, or smoking chip soaker, and cover with water, wine, or other liquid flavoring, wait 30 minutes and spread over ready-to-cook coals or gas burner.

2) OR spread a handful of dry chips over ready-to-cook coals. As soon as they stop flaming, begin cooking.