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Grill Station

Product #: CC5094
Price: $24.99
Grill Station

  • 4 Piece set nests for storage
  • Keeps raw and cooked food separate
  • Marinate food in the refrigerator in the RAW tray
  • Ridges on the bottom of tray allow more even marinating
  • Remove food from the grill and serve food from the COOKED tray
  • Utility tray attaches to side to hold essentials
  • Area to label contents with dry-erase pen, wipes right off
  • Lid locks odors inside, fits both trays for marinating and storage
  • Grill Station will not affect food flavors
  • Safer than glass for use outdoors, wont shatter if dropped on hard surfaces

Successful grilling requires keeping and cooking accessories close at hand. Safer food handling requires keeping raw food separate from cooked food.

The Grill Station includes four essential pieces in one convenient set to keep cooking tools and seasonings nearby while keeping raw and cooked food separate, throughout the grilling process.

The Grill Station trays may also be used to keep chilled food cold while serving by filling one tray with ice and setting the other tray with chilled food on the tray of ice.

CARE: Top rack dishwasher safe!

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