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Stainless Steel Grilling Grid

Product #: GRILGRID
Price: $24.99

Large 16" x 12" Grilling Grid
Dishwasher Safe!

Great Barbecue is now even easier with our generously sized 16" x 12" barbecue grilling grid. This stainless steel grid allows you to grill small food items without the frustration of food slipping through the wide grill grates. Try mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onion, potatoes, pepper strips, fish filets, shrimp or any other small food items. To achieve the best use and longest possible life, the following recommendations should be followed:
Spray or brush cooking oil on the grid prior to cooking to season the finish and to help keep food from sticking.
Repeat this with each use. Clean as you would any stainless steel product.
Dry well with each use.
Dishwasher safe.

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