Tuscan Grill

Tuscan Grill

Product #: SR8024
Price: $48.99
This dual purpose Tuscan Grill (14" x 14") has 196 square inches of cooking surface.

Lay it on your conventional chrome-plated or enamel grate to produce tack-sharp, well defined grill marks.

Screw on the legs and use it for grilling over a campfire or in your fireplace.

Either way, the heavy, heat-conducting cast iron gives you killer grill marks.

Handle Included

Weight is approximately 15 pounds.

When it comes to applying killer grill marks, nothing beats a cast iron grate. Lay this Tuscan grill on top of your conventional chrome, stainless steel, or porcelainized enamel and preheat it for 10 mintes. Brush oil, and arrange food on top.

The Tuscan Grill gives you tack sharp, well defined grill marks, while minimizing the risk of sticking.

For fireplace grilling:

  • Screw the four round metal legs into the holes in the corners of the grate.
  • Position the grill over a bed of glowing embers in your fireplace.
    (Alternatively, place in fireplace and shovel embers under the grill.)
  • Heat, Brush, and oil the greate, then place steaks, chops, chicken breasts, seafood, and veggies on top.

Turns your fireplace into a grill.

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