ROLLA ROASTER - Telescoping Fork - Set of Two

ROLLA ROASTER - Telescoping Fork - Set of Two

Product #: FORKRRBL UPC: 614366765529
Price: $14.99
The “Original Telescoping 42" Hot Dog/Marshmallow Fork –Set of 2

Our stainless steel camping fork telescopes from 12 inches long for backyard barbeques to 42 inches long for campfire cooking.

The beautifully crafted wooden handle, never overheats. The fork is perfect for hot dogs, marshmallows, S’mores, toasted buns and more!

Be sure to include a set in your camping supplies!

Two Rolla Roasters included per set (COLOR - Black)

  • Telescopes from 12” to 42”
  • Rotisserie Turning Knob
  • Heat Resistant Wooden Handle
  • All Stainless Steel Fork
  • Vinyl Case for Convenient Storage



8 hot dogs
8 Pillsbury crescent rolls
4 toothpicks (broken into 2 pieces)

Wipe hot dogs dry with paper towel. Separate crescent rolls and roll lengthwise into a "rope". Attach one end of the dough near the top of the hot dog with piece of toothpick. Spiral the dough around the hot dog and secure at the bottom with another toothpick. Squeeze the fork of the Rolla Roaster together and slide the dog lengthwise onto the fork. Slowly roast over campfire, rotating the fork until done!! REMOVE THE TOOTHPICKS! Pass the ketchup and mustard, please! ENJOY!!!!!!


By using heavy duty foil, you may turn any sandwich into a hot gourmet treat! Simply pile all of your tasty ingredients between the bread of your choice, and wrap tightly in heavy duty foil. Slip the prongs of the Folding Fork right through the foil into the sandwich, between the bread and toast over an open campfire, or fireplace, until thoroughly heated. Carefully unwrap and enjoy!!


Mini Chocolate Chips
Crushed Graham Crackers

Place marshmallow on a Rolla Roaster. Toast until golden brown - roll in mini chocolate chips - re-warm and immediately roll in crushed graham crackers!! ENJOY!!!!!!

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