TRIM TABBS - Pig Powder Rub - Small

TRIM TABBS - Pig Powder Rub - Small

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Trim Tab's Pig Powder Dry Rub, is all you'll need for those barbecued pork ribs, Boston butts, picnic hams, shoulders and whole hogs. Trim, also known as Jim Tab of Tryon, NC (certified judge around the world) developed this superior dry rub seasoning specifically designed for the pig of your choice. This seasoning (12 ounces) will enhance your little piggie to the point of ecstasy. It has also been used very successfully on brisket as well as poultry. Jim, who is a championship cook in his own right, has organized the extremely successful Blue Ridge BBQ Festival in Tryon North Carolina, which is located on the border of South Carolina. It is a State Championship cookoff and the winner qualifies for the World Championship Cookoff at Jack Daniel's in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Jim has won tons of accolades for his seasoning. The taste? Rich, sweet, smooth with medium heat. His recommendation for using this superior dry rub: "Cook 'em low and slow".

Size: 12 ounces

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