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Knife-Fork Combo from Dexter Russell

Product #: 18240
Price: $18.49
Dexter Russell 4-1/4" Knife/Fork Combination With Sheath And Rosewood Handle

This Dexter Russell knife-fork combination with a riveted rosewood handle comes with a heavy leather sheath.

High quality stainless steel knife/fork with a riveted hardwood rosewood handle.

The blade is 4-1/4" long, and the entire tool is 8-1/4" long.

The swept blade is sharpened on the outside curve and ends in a 3-tine fork.

This knife/fork combination allows the user to cut meat or other foods and then eat with one hand. This knife can be helpful after a stroke.


History of the "One Armed Mans Knife"

The Dexter-Russell style of the "One Armed Man's Knife" dates to the Civil War.

It may be referred to as a "one arm knife." This knife is still produced in the original pattern by the Dexter-Russell Green River Works. Made in the U.S.A.

This knife/fork combination may also be called a "Nelson knife." During the Napoleonic War, England's Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson lost his right arm in the unsuccessful expedition to conquer Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1797. He used a traditional fork with a steel knife blade held in place with a setscrew on one side of the fork. Nelson was later killed in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar in which the British defeated the French Navy.

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