Meat Thermometers - Tip

How many of you use a meat thermometer when cooking out doors? OR DO YOU: Press the meat... Look at the color... Glance at your watch or the clock... Gaze to the heavens and say a prayer...

None of these work really well when it comes to determining exactly when is the best time to remove the meat from your grill or barbecue pit. Without better control, it may very well be underdone, overdone, burned on the outside, dry on the inside, or probably even more important, you have messed up a really nice piece of meat and wasted your time. Don't disappoint guests that have been invited over for a great evening of cooking outdoors!

All of that can be avoided by using a meat thermometer to determine exactly when the meat is done to perfection. We use a digital thermometer to know when to shut down the grill and move on to consuming a delicious, moist and flavorful meal.

The bi-therm meat thermometers are good, but they use a spring that expands and contracts to heat which may or may not be exact. The digital thermometers leave very little error factor with it's precise readout.

Insert the probe deep into the meat and leave it for just a few seconds, until the temperature stops rising. We recommend begin doing this about 3/4ths the way through the cooking process so as to not continuously poke holes in the meat thus allowing the juices to escape. The meat thermometer lets you to know how you are coming along at that time since you more than likely will not be overdone at that time and it allows you to estimate when the meat will be done.

No guys, it is not like asking directions......real men DO use meat thermometers! You will be glad you did!