Skewers and Barbecue - Tip

Twisting in the wind:

Everyone loves kabobs and there are about a million different types of food out there to use to make your favorite. HINT: We usually place all the meats together, the veggies together, etc. so they will all cook uniformly. Otherwise, you may char your veggies and the meat will be under done.

Ok, back to the topic at hand. How many times have you been struggling with the meat or veggies twisting on the soaked bamboo skewer while trying to turn them to the other side for even cooking? The meat/veggies twist, turn and rotate to the point that it is a real struggle to get them over.

Well, life should not be that difficult! If one is good then two is better? That certainly is true when using your round wooden bamboo skewers on the grill. The meats and veggies can be most difficult, especially once the food begins to soften. Use two skewers for each kabob. That prevents any turning or twisting on the skewer and you can flip them easily!

Another thought would be to use what is called Wide Skewers. They can be bamboo or even stainless steel. They are flat and wide which also prevents the food from twisting. The main goal is to have enough support in place to prevent the food from rotating easily and thus make it easy to turn the kabobs so the meat and veggies are done evenly and you are not frustrated!

Bamboo Skewers
Flat Stainless Steel Skewers

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