Victorinox - 5” Black Fibrox® Boning Knife

Victorinox - 5” Black Fibrox® Boning Knife

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Victorinox - 5” Black Fibrox® Boning Knife has a semi-stiff curved blade and black Fibrox® handle.

The patented black Fibrox® handle is a highly hygienic polyamide that is textured and slip resistant when wet for maximum safety.

The blade is laser tested to ensure world class sharpness. Stamped high-carbon stainless-steel makes the blade extremely durable.

The conically ground edge has a wider break point making it resistant to fracturing.

All black Fibrox® knives are manufactured in Switzerland by Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Boning knives have a slim blade that slices easily through joints, between bones and under silver skin.

Use a narrow boning knife on ribs and chops to cut easily through bone and cartilage.

Use a wide boning knife for chicken and pork.

Use a curved boning knife for a better working angle when cutting close to and around the bone.

A flexible boning knife is also an excellent fillet knife for fish.

A flexible boning knife is also very good for removing the peel from oranges and grapefruit, and for removing sections of citrus fruit.

Victorinox (Forschner) Fibrox® boning and fillet knives are especially popular with those who hunt and fish.
The high carbon, stainless steel blade is hand finished by skilled craftsmen at Victorinox in Switzerland.
A special tempering process is used to produce an edge that can be resharpened over and over again.
Each Victorinox knife is stamped from a single sheet of metal. The blade is then hardened, tempered, ground, polished, etched and finished.

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