Chips and Chunks - Tip

Chips and Chunks -

Chicken and the Egg vs. Chips and Chunks (wood, that is!). So, when do you know which wood product is best to use? It's fairly simple when one thinks about it. Chips are small with a lot of surface area. Thus they tend to burn easier. That is why we suggest soaking them first. Chunks, on the other hand, tend to burn more slowly because they are thicker/larger thus burning more slowly. So, here is your solution:

Grilling for 10 minutes to a little more than an hour? Go ahead with the soaked chips. They will deliver faster smoke and do their job more efficiently. Don't add meat until you see the smoke.

Barbecuing for 2 or more hours? Obviously, go with the chunks. They will smolder for a long time giving you ample smoke. Any they don't have to be replaced that often.

In either case, don't add meat to the pit until you see the smoke. Wood Chips

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