Steak Button Thermometer

Steak Button Thermometer

Product #: CC4035
Price: $4.87
Steak Button Thermometer Are you the type who says "Keep it simple!"? Well, this product was made just for you! STEAK BUTTON® Meat ThermometerS are designed to register when the food is done and not undercooked or maybe even more importantly overcooked. No more will you have to rely upon guesswork to try to determine when the food is done.

The only real way to achieve consistency in cooking, whether it is indoors or outdoors, is to know what temperature the meat has reached.

The STEAK BUTTON® Meat Thermometer measures Rare, Medium and Well Done. We told you it was simple. Simply insert the probe into the meat, check the temperature and remove the meat when it is done to your perfection. Get those nice juicy steaks each and every time!

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