Meat Crust Prep - Tip

Bark...Bark...Bark ---

Nope, we're not talking about your pedigree or even garden variety pooch. Bark, in barbecue lingo, is the outer crust of meat which has been cooked for long periods of time in the barbecue pit.

Call it the "crust", if you will. Here lies TONS of flavor. The bark is where the seasoning resides along with the smoky flavors. It's usually a little dryer than the interior of the meat. But talk about good.

To achieve maximum flavor for the meat and help make great bark, or the outer skin, we usually apply our seasonings liberally to the outside of the meat.

Before applying the seasoning spread a thin layer of yellow mustard on the meat to help the seasoning stick.

Rest assured, the mustard will not flavor the meat but it helps seal the outer skin, hold the seasoning and make great bark. Great bark, Great flavor!


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