Is a rotisserie for you?

Is a rotisserie for you?
We see them everywhere…In restaurants, local grocery store and at backyard events.
A rotisserie, like a lot of things in life takes a little attending to, but the results are certainly rewarding. The first issue is being sure to balance the meat(s) as well as you can. This makes it easier on the motor to easily turn the meat over the fire. Along these same lines, make sure you have end clamps which will securely hold the meat while being turned. Next make sure you have a source of power to run the motor. Most rotisseries utilize electricity so you will need a nearby electrical outlet. There are, however, models that run on batteries that can be used anywhere.
The really great thing about cooking over an open fire using a rotisserie is that you are cooking over direct heat while at the same time not drying out the meat as it is constantly turning and basting itself with its own juices Therein lies one of the greatest secrets of why meat cooked over a rotisserie simply tastes better! Rotisseries

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