Got your thermometers? - Tip

Got your thermometers? Yes, that’s plural…Thermometers. In order to tame the flame and produce consistently great barbecue, you need two of those little jewels. AND, they need to be accurate! (We’ll get into that next time). The first thermometer you will need is a pit thermometer. Think of an oven. You set the temperature and know exactly what to expect as far as cooking time goes. Well, we don’t have that luxury when cooking outdoors. We are constantly adjusting the amount of gas, wood, air intake, exhaust and a world of other conditions that affects the heat in the cooking chamber. The bottom line here is that you need to know at what temperature you are cooking. Now for the second thermometer. That would be a meat thermometer. You have to know the temperature of the meat you are cooking. We don’t care how many times you cooked without one – the best chefs all use them for a very good reason. If you over cook the meat …. dried-out meat. Overdone. Then on the other hand, if it is not cooked sufficiently, you may make your family and guests sick. Not a good outcome. Thermometers

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