Are your thermometers accurate?

If not, then you are not coking up to your potential. Some pit thermometers can be off as much as 40-50°. That is a lot! We would bet that most thermometers are off by 5-10°, easily. If that is within your range of error, then you are good to go. We prefer knowing exactly at what temperature we are dealing with so that we can continue getting desired results. This can be done with the pit thermometer and the meat thermometer. Ok, how to test them…
You may want to use gloves for this first procedure. Get a pot of water boiling rapidly. Take the end of the thermometer, or stem (while holding the dial portion in your hand) and place the stem into the boiling water for several minutes or until the temperature becomes steady. It should read exactly 212°. Then to test the cold side, get a glass of water with lots of crushed ice and stir the ice water with same stem. It should read 32-33°. If you don’t get these results, it’s time to order a new thermometer. And remember thermometers don’t last forever! Click for Thermometers

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