What are you good at? - Tip

If you're really, really good at, say ribs, help others become great also. If you're not quite up to par on your brisket, then find someone that is really, really good and ask them how to get there. You see, most cooks are happy to share their talents, if not their secrets. Maybe it's the time, temperature or even a combination of both along with the seasonings. A really great cook is good at most of the meats - you can be too! They ask, learn and practice. They are inquisitive and want to be better. Watch some cooking shows and see what works and doesn't. Find really cool tools that make the process easier. Have a impartial person "judge" the meal and give you honest opinions.....not just tastes great when it really doesn't. I taught my daughter what a really great rib is and she does not spare me, but keeps me honest which makes me better. What a great treat to get some honest feedback!

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