Stuck in a rut? - Tip

Are you having fun out by the pit or has it just become a job to do so the family has something to eat? If so, now’s the time to change your technique and menu. Most people do the chicken, sausage, burgers, steaks, etc., etc., etc. Try something new, exciting and maybe even a little challenging. Step out and conquer a new meal. Try planked salmon, kabobs, grilled soft-shell crabs, lamb chops, thick-grilled pork chops, beer-butt chiken, Buffalo wings, pork tenderloin or even Boston butt. The list goes on and on and on……. So what if it doesn’t come out just perfect, it was fun, challenging and made you have to think a little. The fact is that you tried and you will be better next time! Sort of like first learning to ride a bike. If this sounds a little like a pep talk, then you’re right! Get outdoors today and start having a great time!

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