Wood Smoke BBQ - Tip

There is nothing quite like wood smoked barbecue! It sounds so simple, BUT in order to properly apply the right amount of smoke requires a little finessing. If it is a short grilling session, we recommend soaking some WOOD CHIPS in water for about an hour or so. Once your fire is going, you can toss a handful on chips on the fire for instant smoke. Repeat as desired. Should you wish the chips to last a little longer take your chips and wrap them in foil and place on the fire or touching the fire. Smoke will be produced shortly.

For longer barbecuing, we recommend cooking with WOOD CHUNKS. Chunks are more dense and really don’t need to be soaked. Simply set one or two chunks on or near the fire and you will shortly be producing long term smoke. Time to begin smoking! Click for Wood Smoking BBQ Chips

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