Proper use of BBQ sauce when cooking - Tip

Proper use of BBQ sauce when cooking
We know WAY TOO MANY people who don’t know the proper method and timing of applying barbecue sauce to the meat while the meat is still cooking. From the get-go they go adding generous amounts of sauce to “enhance the flavor” of their meal. Next they toss that meat directly over the hot grill and watch the flames char that puppy! Over and Over! What they end up with is severely burned sauced meat. Not very appealing in our opinion. May we suggest alternatives?
But first we need to understand that over 90% of all barbecue sauces have as its primary ingredient tomato sauce or sugar…or both! They both burn very easily and therein lies the basic problem. We need to keep them from burning in order to have great barbecue flavor. If you are GRILLING, we suggest not adding any barbecue sauce until you have removed the meat from the grill. Go ahead and season it as desired, but hold off on the sauce until finished. Direct grilling leads to direct burning of barbecue sauce. If, on the other hand, you are barbecuing at lower temperatures for longer periods of time, then things become easier. Refrain from adding the sauce until nearly the end of cooking. Once the meat is almost finished, and the temperature begins to moderate, add the barbecue sauce once or twice over the last hour. You will find the existing heat will dry the sauce slightly making it more concentrated and more flavorful. But it will not burn…you get great flavor and no burned sauce! Head for the Grill! Click for BBQ Sauce

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