Foil-Towel-Cooler -

You just cooked your favorite brisket, smoked turkey or some other fantastic BBQ meat and it finished quicker than expected. Or maybe you want to take it across town to share with your friends and love ones. What do you do? If you’re a professional caterer you probably have something like one of these Cambro units. What about the rest of us?

Well, you probably already have what you need – tin foil, towels and a cooler. Your camping cooler can actually hold cooked food at temperature for several hours just like a Cambro. In fact, it's insulated well enough to keep your favorite drinks ice cold. Why not add re-purpose it as a cooler Cambro! Simply wrap your meats in foil, then insulate with towels and place them in your cooler.

cooler equals cambro Another great side-effect of the foil/towel/cooler method is that it can give very tough cuts of meat like beef brisket a chance to redistribute the juices and help with the tenderness of the final product. Baskets Racks and Toppers

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