Spritzing Ribs - Tip

Dry ribs? Are your spare or baby back ribs drying out on your BBQ? It happens. Well, it can happen, but it doesn't have to. You just need to add more moisture.

Spritzing adds a nice depth to the flavor of your ribs and contributes to a nice color as well as adding moisture straight to your ribs. You use a silicon or bristle basting brush to apply some juice too, but that tends to wash away your rub. A trick that you should try is using a spray bottle to mist the juice onto your ribs during the cooking process After the ribs have been on for 30-60 minutes try spraying the ribs every 30-45 minutes or whenever you open your smoker door. What should you use? It's a personal preference, but for the juice you should stick to 100% juice and it shouldn’t be cold when you spray it. Marinade Spray Bottle

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