SmokinTex PRO Series - Commercial Smoker

SmokinTex PRO Series - Commercial Smoker

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The SmokinTex PRO Series Commercial Smoker is great for commercial applications, including restaurants, catering, c-stores, country clubs, corporate kitchens, kitchens, lodges and even fire stations.

These slow cook ovens make old-fashioned pit barbecue and delicious natural wood smoked foods. This is genuine pit barbecue! Excellent smoke flavor; tender, moist product. Food is slow-cooked, over real wood smoke. Static Air Cooking keeps moisture and flavor in the food. Low, slow, even heat is gentle to food. (No water pan required) Easy to use, just plug it in, put in the wood and food, shut the door, and set the temperature. No attention needed while cooking! Smoke is created as wood smolders in electrically heated wood box. The stainless steel top and interior make for easy cleanup.

With 8 shelves, the 1500-C will smoke/cook 36 racks of baby backs in 5 hours. You can freeze or refrigerate and bring back on the grill in 10 minutes when you need to serve them. A lot of Restaurants prepare and serve ribs this way.
Smokin Tex PRO Series Commercial Smoker Capacity:
90 lbs Heavy Cuts Per Load or Ribs 54 lb St. Louis Style, 36 Racks Baby Backs

Cabinet Materials: All stainless steel, inside and out.

Electrical: 2-700 watt heating elements. 1400 watts total, 15 amp 120v, single phase

Shelves: There are 9 rack positions. The smoker comes with 4 -18” x 18” stainless steel racks; 3 Standard and 1 seafood rack

Outside Dimensions: 21” x 23” x 41” high

Weight: 149 lb boxed --- Heavy Duty Wheels Included

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