Natural & Lump Charcoal - Tip

Natural & Lump ~~~ What do they mean?

And more importantly, why does it matter? What we are talking about when we say natural charcoal or lump charcoal is the clean aspect of charcoal. Most other types of charcoal are found in the form of briquettes, those little oval, flat cubes of black charcoal which are extruded from large machines which have previously mixed in a lot of other chemicals which, we believe, are not necessarily good for you. They are all about the same size and have the same characteristics. Most people use briquettes which are made by compressing ground natural charcoal, made from wood by-products, usually with most of the following items:

Binder to hold it together - usually starch
Brown Coal – or known as lignite, as a heat source, as in mined petroleum coal
Mineral Carbon – also a heat source
Borax – an ignition aid
Sodium Nitrate – also an ignition aid
Limestone - ash-whitening agent
Raw Sawdust – an ignition aid
As well as other additives

Now who wants all of that cooking our steaks, chops, chicken, fish and veggies?

Natural or lump charcoal is just that….natural. There are no additives or chemicals. It consists of wood that has been burned without oxygen which burns out all of the impurities and leaves the wood for burning in your pit or grill. It is clean, lightweight and burns hot. It does not use any petroleum products at anytime and thus your food cooks cleaner and more flavorful. It has a natural wood shape. Try it and you will be much happier.

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