Keep the lid closed - Tip

Keep the lid closed…

Every time you open the lid of your grill or barbecue pit, heat is released. Since heat always rises and most lids are on the top of the units, there is a ton of heat released that could be used for cooking. Each time you open and release all of that heat, it is just that much longer you extend the cooking time because your pit has to re-generate that heat. Sure, you may want to baste the meat or add more charcoal to the pit, but truthfully, how many time do you open the lid just to see what is going on in there? Our suggestion, purchase a pit thermometer that accurately indicates the temperature in the cooking chamber. THEN, purchase a remote thermometer that has a meat probe that can be inserted into the meat and indicate the “doneness” of the meat. You will have more consistent cooking times and a better product every time.


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