Larrys Bag of Smoke

Larrys Bag of Smoke

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Larry's Bag of Smoke is ready to BBQ or grill whenever you are! Each bag is 100% cotton muslin, about 3"x5", stamped with USDA approved natural food coloring, and filled with flavorful finely chopped Texas wood. Larry's Bag of Smoke is easy to carry to your next picnic, or store for your next backyard BBQ. Plus the bag is reusable!

Larry's Bag of Smoke is very easy to use. Carefully puncture several holes in the bag with your BBQ fork. Saturate the bag under running water for 1-2 minutes.

Put the bag in a foil tray with holes in the bottom and place directly on red hot coals. Gas grill: place bag in smoker box or foil tray with holes in the bottom, and place on lower gas jets. When the bag starts to smoke place food on the grill and close the lid. When food is done, remove tray or box, extinguish fire and

restart for next cookout. Your food will have a wonderful fresh smoked flavor. Available in the following flavors
  • GRAPE: Excellent with chicken and fish. Grape wood is a light flavor similar other fruit woods.
  • ALDER: Excellent with seafood and vegetables. The traditional wood for smoking salmon, works well with any fish, produces a delicate smoky flavor.
  • APPLE: A slightly sweet smoke flavor, goes well with most foods. Use with chicken, turkey, wild game, ham, fish, venison, pork, and ribs. Excellent with beefand salmon.
  • HICKORY: A strong hearty taste. Robust wood flavor, great with ribs, brisket, and pork. Also enhances any red meat.
  • MAPLE: Mildly smoky, somewhat sweet flavor,good with pork, chicken, cheese, vegetables, and small game birds.
  • MESQUITE: a great southwestern flavor, use with beef, chicken, and fish, a little goes a long way. May produce a bitter taste over an extended cooking time
  • OAK: The most versatile of woods, perfect for cooking large pieces of meat for long periods of time. It is the choice of many professional chefs. Use with beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables. Try blending with cherry for turkey. Gives a smooth mellow flavor.
  • PEACH: A blend between the sweet and the strong, adds a mild sweet fruity flavor. Use with chicken, pork, and beef.
  • PECAN: A mellow version of Hickory, a distinctive buttery flavor, use with beef, game birds, and chicken, it's great with prime rib. A subtle rich flavor.
  • CHERRY: A delicate sweet and rich smooth flavor. Use with chicken, pork, fish, cornish game hens, vegitables, and duck.

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