Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Charcoal

Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Charcoal

Product #: 90060-6
Price: $8.86
Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Charcoal is special. They are labled as "Whiskey Barrel Charcoal Briquets & Smoker Blocks". The Charcoal is, as it says, two products in one. It contains briquettes that are impregnated with tiny oak barrel chips, along with roughly 1½" solid barrel wood chunks (cut from the staves).

The original barrels are made of white oak, which is the grandaddy of all cooking woods. This makes excellent charcoal for your backyard event.

100% Pure, Jack Daniel's Product
No Additives
Starts Fast
Burns Hotter
Economical to Use
Excellent Flavor Cooking
Environmentally Friendly
Each bag weighs about 6.5 pounds

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