Old Smokey Beercan Chicken Holders

Old Smokey Beercan Chicken Holders

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The Old Smokey Beercan Chicken Holder is a premium beer can chicken roaster. It will gently moisten and season with steam which permeates the chicken while dry heat roasts the outside to perfection. The chicken, (or duck or turkey!) cooks evenly with no effort once it has been placed on the grill or in the oven. No turning is required. You will find beer butt chicken to be the most flavorful LOW cholesterol cooking method available. If you want an alcohol free alternative, try lemonade, ginger-ale or even your favorite cola! Once you have The Original Cajun Chickcan roaster, simply add 1 twelve (12) ounce can of beer or other beverage and your favorite seasonings such as Worcestershire sauce, spices, herbs, onions, garlic - the list is endless for great flavors every time! Comes with complete instructions on the box! Enjoy!

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5 Stars Old Smokey Beer Can Chicken Holders
by ken miller from Victoria BC Canada on Feb 15, 2013
  These are fantastic. They create moist tender chicken including the white meat. The stand is so stable you can put it on a platter and carve it at the table. Spray it with PAM before use and it cleans up in the dishwasher. I put an aluminum pan underneath, keeps the BBQ clean. If your BBQ lid won't close take out the grates and put it on the burners. You won't be using them anyway. I have used all the dry rubs and am now experimenting with glaces.
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