Smoke Pistol - High Heat - Red

Smoke Pistol - High Heat - Red

Product #: SP402
Price: $64.68
Charcoal, gas, or electric BBQ grills provide heat but do not provide the delicious flavor from using natural wood. Barbeque smokers, such as a grill top smoker or reliable charcoal grill smoker, are still lacking that real barbeque flavor produced from the smoke of real fruitwoods and hardwoods. The best barbeque tips you will find are available right here in the SmokePistol. No barbeque recipe is complete without the authentic flavor produced by our unique SmokePistol smoke generator. Make your meat smoker complete with our SmokePistol

No messy wood chips, no splinters, no messy ash, no opening the smoker to add chips every few minutes, ... and no more standing by the smoker to make sure it is smoking.

SmokePistol is the BBQ smoke generator that fits onto any BBQ grill or food smoker! Just light the cartridge tip, insert into the SmokePistolâ„¢ and you have continuous controllable smoke for up to 4 hours on a single cartridge! And the pistol uses real wood cartridges available in 9 flavors. (Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Alder, Pecan, Cherry, Sugar Maple, Oak and Black Walnut.)

Easy to mount onto any smoker. Requires only a 1/2" hole for mounting and hang screw.

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