Sam's Smoker Pro

Sam's Smoker Pro

Product #: SMOKSAMP
Price: $52.86
The Smoker Pro is an all stainless steel smoker built in the USA with a patent pending. It is made from 14 Gauge Heavy Stainless Steel and with the quality we are able to offer a limited life time Warranty. METHODS OF USE: Sets on briquette rack of gas and charcoal grills. Rests on a gas burner assembly. Handle's functionally rests on sides of small and medium grills. Sits and rests on the heat exchanger plate. To use you set the smoker under the grate of your gas barbecue place your pre soaked wood chips in the smoker, turn on the gas or light charcoal and in just a few minutes you have Smoke. (10.7" X 11.4" X 1.8" High) Includes: The Smoker ProRecipe Book, Install & Removal Tool, and Wood Chips

The Smoker Pro is a large radiant heat deflector with top and bottom perforated plates. Having the holes offset, between the top and bottom plates creates draft and maximizes the smoke and performance. The smoker covers approximately 1/2 the grilling heat source. The smoker will reduce grease flare-ups.

The extended surface of this smoker produces a rapid smoking and flavor process in approximately the same time it takes to grill your food.

The smoker covers approx. 1/2 of the grilling surface area. The smoker will not allow flame up as the juice's drip on the top plate of the smoker and this adds additional flavor to your cooking process.

The smoking time is 30-60 min for wet chips (soaked in water for 10 minutes, aprox. 3 cups) and 15-20 minutes for dry chips. Reducing the amount to 1 cup produces less smoke flavor. Smoking time will be cut in half.

The Smoker Pro comes with an insert and removal tool that enables you to install and remove the barbeque grate and place The Smoker Pro onto the heat source just before cooking. Within a few minutes The Smoker Pro is filling your grill with the unique wood smoked country barbeque flavor you deserve.

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