The best burgers - Tip

The best burgers…

Needless to say, whenever possible, always begin with fresh ground beef. You don’t have to grind it yourself, however if you do, then you will know that it is fresh! Select a meat store/butcher shop/grocery store known for grinding their burgers at least once a day. Use 80/20 ratio of ground beef to fat for the most flavorful burgers being careful when forming the patties that you don’t handle them too much. Tip: keep your hands wet to reduce the sticking of the meat to your hands. To keep the center from rising, indent the middle of the burger slightly. Add your seasoning just before cooking especially if it includes salt. Salt will dry out the moisture if added too early. Enjoy!

When is a burger maybe not a burger?

Most everyone loves a juicy hamburger. BUT, not everyone is the same. Therefore the mother of invention has come to the rescue. If you want to try something different and very tasty, we suggest you consider burgers made from tuna, crabmeat, chicken, bison, lamb, turkey, or maybe from pork. They are all common and delicious options. Vegetarian? Try a Black Bean Burger or a Portobello Mushroom Burger! Use your imagination and create your own style of burger and be creative.