Texas Rib Rangers Barbecue Seasonings

Texas Rib Rangers Barbecue Seasonings

Product #: DR100B
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Texas Rib Rangers Barbecue Seasoning- This dry BBQ will ease the stress of marinating with sauces. Best taste you ever put a lip to." Texas Rib Rangers Barbecue Seasoning is out to please palettes far and wide. Apply liberally to all sides of the meat. You can't beat a good piece of meat that's been rubbed before cooking." They have won 20 years worth of contests with beef, pork & chicken.

Texas Rib Rangers BBQ has placed in these National Champion Competitions:

Alabama State BBQ Championship - Reserve National Champion.
Delaware State BBQ Championship - Peoples Choice Best BBQ.
North Texas State Fair BBQ Championship - Grand Champion.
North Carolina State BBQ Championship - Grand Champion.
Kentucky State BBQ Championship - Grand Champion.
Cleveland National Ribfest - America's Greatest Ribs.
NBBQA Award of Excellence
Columbus Jazz & Ribfest - Peoples Choice.
Dayton Ohio National Ribfest - Peoples Choice / Critics Choice.
National BBQ News - Caterer of the Year Award.

Size: 14.0 oz.

All Natural Ingredients: sugar, salt, paprika, chili pepper, celery and garlic.

From Texas.

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