Reverse Sear - Tip

When barbecuing a steak most people think is that the initial sear locks in juices. In reality is the sear will not lock in anything as a matter of fact we’ve all seen a seared steak still pool with juices. There is sort of a new tecnique of a reverse sear method. Here’s the how it works. In this case you start the steak off low and slow – between 250 and 300 on indirect heat. You grill until the internal temperature reaches a temperature that is about ten degrees below your final internal temp. If you want it around 150 degrees Medium target 140 with a quick read thermometer. Then pull it off the heat for a few minutes until it just starts to drop below 140. That’s your cue to fire up the high heat or searing burner as you see here and blast ut on both sides to achieve the charred caramelization and crust. Some experts say that the low-slow reverse sear method gives you a more tender steak allowing natural anzymes some additional time to do some magic.