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Company History - BBQ, Grilling and Meat Handling Tools
Our company history dates back to 1873 in Eugene, Oregon, where we supplied the local demand for cutlery and burlap sack-needles important in a grain-growing and milling district.

The growth of the company was relatively slow in the earlier years but upon moving to Oakland, California in 1912, the business expanded rapidly as the only cutlery manufacturer west of the Mississippi River.

Throughout the 20th Century our products ranged from axe blades and machetes for the fire fighting industry to guns for the U.S. Army.
In the 1950's we began making industrial cutlery for the meat packing industry which eventually lead to a line of consumer barbecue products.
In 1975 we were incorporated and became Boehringer Manufacturing Company in central California.
Now sold under the Tool Wizard name our BBQ Tools and Accessories can be found in specialty stores and internet web sites.